Here it is kiddies. Entirely created with an Xponent MIDI controller running Torq. No turntables, not CD players, no nothin’. Just me and my music. Click the pic, and enjoy the crunchy goodness.

The CD has about 15 minutes less music than this one. because it wouldn’t all fit on one of those old-school plastic disk thingies. Oh, and it’s mastered slightly differently. Just because.

First of many contributions: Vibronic Coupling

Just messing around a few months ago, wanted to supplement my wax page with a more aggressive mix. Don’t have a track list, can furnish upon request. This is almost what I’m hoping to play out, but my tracks are moving even further away from progressive toward electro and techhouse. Hope this is enjoyable!


Also have a more laid back mix called “Equilibria” up on WaxDj. Eventually I’ll find better hosting for direct linking of mixes.