I’ve had enough

Feelin on the edge. It’s slippery on top.

The Morning After

Hungover, coming down, slept rough, and feeling like it was worth it. Finally time to kick the shoes off and reflect on events. So many mornings, only a few can be called the morning after…

Primal Scream – I’m Coming Down

Bombay Dub Orchestra – Feel

Modern Relics – The Shipping Forecast II

Moby – Anthem (cinematic mix)

The Art of Noise – Out of This World

Fila Brasilia – Soft Music Under Stars

Primal Scream – Higher Than the Sun (a dub symphony in two parts)

Katcha – Touched By God (quiet storm mix)

Orbital – Are We Here?

Bjork – All is Full of Love (plaid mix)

Bombay Dub Orchestra – Compassion (continental drift mix)

Banco de Gaia – Kara Kum

Tried acetrix yet?

To combat day job grind, I set out to do something different.

I hope you enjoy!


acetrix-jul8 – orence
Architetto – Gabry Fasano
Nothingness – Falko Broksieper Remix – Nhar
Don’t Smoke feat USmoke – Marshall
Lama – Marshall
Crazy Circus – Samim’s Moonshine Mix – Matthias Tanzmann
No Turning Back – Butter Party Mix – Elite Force
Dance Baby – Dopamine Remix – Urban Monkeys
SkinDeep – Justin Side Ripchord Remix – Agaric
Backwards On Pony – Coalition of the Killing
Call & Response – Adam Beyer and Agaric
Flashing – Mauro Picotto
No One Knows – Camea Remix – Agaric
Ring Rang – Martin Eyerer

Waiting For Airplanes

Waiting For Airplanes

Sunday afternoon. 54 new songs, 4 hours ahead of me. 150 minutes in, something happens, and the whole mix disappears. So I start over, with exactly 75 minutes to spare.

This is it. Tight, clean, out the door. Click the picture, get the music.

Near Edge

Fun mix I did the other day after weeks of inactivity.  Pretty much sums up the type of stuff I’ve focused on playing out.  Probably will wind up being my “demo.”  Also likely the last thing under the alias “Cupric” since people keep telling me that my given name is perfectly good.  I agree, it’s sorta grown on me.  Enjoy the choons.