Gobble Brain Mites: Futures Available – Spring 2013

The latest in the Gobble Brain Mites series!
recorded live as an opening set at Dirty Pumps: 05/09/2013

This mix crosses genre’s you would never expect, like when a gentleman crosses his legs! just cus!!

Watch out for the hard turn at 50:08; it was an electro party.. so I had to. it came out pretty good if I must pat myself.

Gobble Us

Summer Party Live Mix

This was recorded in July 2012.
I like it. Have a listen.

because of autumn

Ali Bombay’s mix that was : Banned from Souncloud – 5/30/2012

Poolcide: An Afternoon Mix

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All mid-tempo and slippery, this mix is fun, slinky, sexy, warm and a little bit languid. Listen to this while paying attention to everything else.
Click the pic, relax, breathe.

Strikes Twice

This mix was created for the Lighting In A Bottle DJ Mix Contest. Only artists from the 2011 lineup were used, either as primary producers or as remixers. It came out really cool. It didn’t win. Go figure.

Normally, I just embed the tracklisting into the ID3 info, but it’s kinda relevant this time, so here goes:

Moonlit Horizons – David Starfire Remix // Desert Dwellers
Gone Before It Starts – Album Edit  // Max Graham, KiloWatts
Wongel – Huxley Remix // Matthew Dekay, Lee Burridge
Speed Of Time (Limacon remix)  // KILOWATTS
Disguise – Dandy Hungary & Invoice Disguised Dub  // Android Cartel
Let Me Be – JP’s Deep Ride   // Julius Papp, Nick Warren
Spooky Trains – Nick Warren’s Back Of The Bog Dub  // Grafiti
Trail Of Nomads – Alex Kenji Remix  // Desert Dwellers
Why Are The Pretty Ones Always Insane?  // BURRIDGE, Lee/ANDY PAGE
Shake It To The Ground feat. Rye Rye – Claude VonStroke Remix  // DJ Blaqstarr
Vampires (Louie Vega dub remix)  // THIEVERY CORPORATION

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Like Bullets For Magnets

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As promised, and after what feels like forever, a proper tech-house mix. Finally. This starts with some really cool explorations, then puts the hammer down for a photo finish.

Clicky-click the pic, wag the tail.

Mal*Mart Session

I’ve been meaning to upload this set for a while now. I played the Mal*Mart fundraiser, and I have a long slot between a downtempo DJ and a bangin’ techno DJ. Two hours to get from here to there. I’m really proud of this one. It represents pretty much everything I’m doing these days.

As always, click here to listen, or just click the picture! Lie back, enjoy.

Today is a good day for a chill mix and a new direction. enjoy!

triphop / chill / psy dub

Slow Down by urbanrevolution

Philip Evans | myTropolis Live Set

Recorded on April 28th, 2010 at myTropolis in Pasadena. Straight to the board, mistakes and all. Imagine crowd noises in the background, because the board doesn’t capture that.

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The Outer Sphere

The Outer Sphere

I am rather proud of this mix. It starts dance-y, it gets pretty, and then it leaves you feeling “aaaaaaah.” I guess it’s a nice “demo”nstration of my track range: from hard-hitting beats to melodic progressive. Please enjoy!

Thank you, Philip Evans, for the marvelous album art.