Tried acetrix yet?

To combat day job grind, I set out to do something different.

I hope you enjoy!


acetrix-jul8 – orence
Architetto – Gabry Fasano
Nothingness – Falko Broksieper Remix – Nhar
Don’t Smoke feat USmoke – Marshall
Lama – Marshall
Crazy Circus – Samim’s Moonshine Mix – Matthias Tanzmann
No Turning Back – Butter Party Mix – Elite Force
Dance Baby – Dopamine Remix – Urban Monkeys
SkinDeep – Justin Side Ripchord Remix – Agaric
Backwards On Pony – Coalition of the Killing
Call & Response – Adam Beyer and Agaric
Flashing – Mauro Picotto
No One Knows – Camea Remix – Agaric
Ring Rang – Martin Eyerer

The Security Sessions

Security Sessions

This was recorded on a fateful night at the Security Lofts. A last-minute gathering, a bunch of friends, one little loft, a crate full of vinyl, played from front to back, all the way through. We played until the neighbors complained, and they’re a very tolerant bunch.

This is probably the last hurrah for my vinyl. I’ve since switched to all-digital (yeah? so?). Watch for the results, coming soon.

Welcome to Blowing Curls Project!!


We’re going to be adding content as we go.  

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We may need to archive mp3 content here and there, so it’s best to get it while you can.  We only have 2GB of storage, so we’ll see how fast it fills up and share our strategy on how we’re going to maintain it.