April Fools 2004 – house

A house retrospective


I’m stuck in my cave. Dissertation is nearing. Forcing myself into exile. What’s this? Turntables? Rust covered turntables…squeaky wheels of steel. Time for some WD40.

It’s progressive, it’s electro. It’s me. Next time I’ll stick to one or the other, but for now enjoy some sonic schizophrenia.


Rainy Days And Fridays

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A rainy Friday night, a good way into a good bourbon drink, life’s all warm and fuzzy. And out came this perfect little mid-tempo Nu Disko groovester. It makes me very happy every time I listen to it, and that’s pretty much what it’s all about, right?

As always, tracklisting in the lyrics window. Click the pic, let it bounce.

Peace Drone mix by Ali Bombay – ambient/chillout

track in order by:  Energy 52, A Reminiscent Drive, FC kahuna, Deep Season, SETI, City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Gel Sol, Ultramarine, Ulrich Schnauss, The Orb, Meanderthals, Kerry Livgren, Imogen Heap vs. Enigma, Galaxy, Leonard Cohen

Twist And Shout

Twist And Shout

OK, no pussy-footing around. This is straight-up dancefloor material, sticking to a house-friendly groove, but looped and twisted and tossed in a heap somewhere in a back alley. This thing boogies.

As always, tracklisting is in the lyrics window. Click the pic to play.

Stratus Funk 2

After being inspired by Orence’s last set… i put this together.

Sit back, drink  a glass of red, and chill to the sounds of Jazz n’ Bass!
Music is a gift Enjoy. (download: Click arrow on right side of the player)

because of autumn – orence

Its not perfect, but it’s gonna sound great on your ride out whenever!
Thanks to the new 800 mkII’s, i’m relearning.. but still way overdue on this!

because of autumn
Be safe and happy!

Don’t Bite


The World Is Flat

The World Is Flat

This one started as the second part of Italian Smiles, but as the tracklist got longer and the BPMs higher, it eventually demanded to be a separate release. After some long but fruitful negotations, we came to an agreement, and here we are.

Horn samples everywhere, long uninterrupted instrumental lines, constant sidetrips into layered rhythms. This is a jazz ensemble playing in the ruins of an auto plant in Detroit.

Italian Smiles and Snowbunny Dreams

Italian Smiles And Snowbunny Dreams

This one’s very different. A lot of that slow, pretty stuff. Call it Italo-disco, call it Balearic, call it that stuff the kids play these days when they’re not frying their synapses on that awful buzzy noise they call electro. Call it just plain cool, like seabreezes and soft hair.

Ick. I must be getting old.

Clicky-click. Shimmy and sway.